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Visit Maggie at the Annual Tommy Knocker Bazaar

December 5th and 6th 2015, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Historic Teller House Central City, Colorado Maggie will be signing copies of her “Misadventures of the Cholua Brothers” series. Stop by and visit and pick up copies for Christmas Gifts. Special pricing of $10 per copy, Gift wrapped sets of book 1 and 2 $20.   Share with a friend…

A Tailing Tale of the Gilpin-Clear Creek District Railway

This week’s Tailing Tale comes from Bruce Jones of Gilpin County. Bruce shared with me the story of the Gilpin Railway Company. A standard gauge railroad was proposed to be built from Pactolas (located on the banks of the South Boulder Creek) and connecting with the existing Moffat Railroad. The railroad was to follow the creek to the present South… Read more »

A Tailing Tale of Thanksgiving

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The holiday of Thanksgiving is based on the 1621 feast in Plymouth, however it was not an annual celebration or holiday. Thanksgiving was celebrated on sporadic dates, usually declared locally to give thanks for a specific event such as the end of a drought, victory in battle or after a harvest. In October 1777, all 13 colonies celebrated a day… Read more »

A Tailing Tale of Nellie of Nevada City

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  The sky above Quartz Hill glowed in vibrant hues of orange and gold. The pungent odor of burning timber carried on the chilling night air. Thick black smoke crept down the embankment toward Nevada City. The women in town, stood in the streets watching and waiting for news. At the first sign of fire, their husbands and sons grabbed… Read more »

A Tailing Tale of William “Billy” Cozens

William Z. Cozens was born in L’Orignal, Canada on July 4, 1830. His parents, originally from New York and Vermont, resided for a few years in Canada then returned to the United States, settling in Russell, New York. At the age of eighteen, William enjoyed all educational advantages afforded by the public school system of New York. He then pursued… Read more »