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A Tailing Tale of the Mining Disaster of 1895

The Bob Tail Mine opened early in the gold rush of 1859, and by 1876 had produced over 4 million dollars in gold. Its shafts, drifts and chambers penetrate for miles into the hills of Gilpin County. The property closed in the late 1880’s, and in 1891 was purchase by a company from Haverhill, Massachusetts. They opened the Fisk portion… Read more »

A Tailing Tale of Bill Lorenz and the Black Forest Inn

In 1936, as Adolf Hitler terrorized Europe, Wilhelm “Bill” Lorenz was born in Mainz, Germany. Bill’s father owned three taverns, and by the time Bill was seven-years-old he stood on boxes to tap beer for his dad’s customers. At that time, young Bill had no idea one day he would be serving beer in his own restaurant in the Unites… Read more »

Weekly Register-Call – July 23, 2015

A Tailing Tale of The Gettysburg of the West Six weeks after Colorado became a territory, the Civil war began. The majority of Denver’s citizens, who had emigrated west from northern states, were loyal to the Union. However, Denver’s Mayor, John C. Moore, was a Confederate sympathizer from Pulaski, Tennessee, and when war began, he hightailed it back to where… Read more »