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Weekly Register-Call – January 29, 2015

A Tailing Tale Legend of the Yellow Rose Twenty-year-old Philip Penrose rode into Central City on an old mule named Daisy on an unusually warm day in June 1862. After months of traveling, he nearly burst with delight as he made his way through Black Hawk Pointe, passed noisy stamp mills, up the muddy incline toward his destination. Philip’s friends,… Read more »

Weekly Register-Call |January 22, 2015

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A Tailing Tale Civil War in the Kansas Territory Taken from Although westward expansion and the ensuing spread of slavery is often cited as a leading cause of the Civil War, the experiences of those living outside of the official states and most contentious areas of the territories during the war are often overlooked. What did it mean to… Read more »

Weekly Register-Call | January 15,2015

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A Tailing Tale A Miner’s Wife in Russell Guluch The nineteenth-century gold rushes opened not only new physical and political frontiers for the United States, but also very personal ones for the people who partook in them. This was certainly the case for Nancie Colburn Hartford, who in September 1860, left her home in Maine and headed west by railroad… Read more »

Weekly Register-Call | January 8, 2015

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A Tailing Tale  Train Ride from Denver to Central City In 1885, two passenger trains, running narrow gauge cars, ran daily between Denver and the mountain cities, passing through Golden. One train left in the morning and one in the afternoon. The following excerpts are taken from George Cruffuts narrative Grip Sack Guide to Colorado, published in 1885, where he… Read more »

Weekly Register Call | January 1, 2015

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A Tailing Tale  A New Year’s Tale Mary Bennett paced with anxiety, nearly wearing thin the rug on the floor of her parent’s parlor. The grandfather clock in the hall struck half-past six. A knock at the front door set her heart to fluttering. It was her first date with the handsome John Preston and her first time stepping foot… Read more »